Indoor Soccer

Soccer CourtRegistration
The registration fee is $30 per team per season.

Game Fees
Game fees for Open Mens, Ladies and Mixed competitions are $10.00 per player, and Juniors are $8.00 per player.

The Game
As in the outdoor game the object is to score goals. One big difference is the use of the walls/nets – instead of the ball going out, it stays alive and can be played on. This makes for a very fast, fluent game with no time wasted.

Adelaide Indoor Soccer Centre has the most number of teams playing in any centre with arguably the strongest indoor soccer competition played in Adelaide.

We offer a unique indoor soccer facility with 2 state of the art 32m x 17m courts and are the biggest rebound “off the wall” indoor soccer courts found in Adelaide.

All competitions are 5-a-side competitions and require a minimum of 5 players although due to the blood rule 6-7 players is recommended.

For more info visit our rules page.


Open Mens Leagues are played  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6pm to 10:30pm and Sunday  from 3pm to 8pm.

The Ladies League is played on Friday evenings from 6pm to 10.30pm.

The Mixed League is played Thursday and Friday evenings from 6pm to 10.30pm and Sunday 3-7 pm.
Please note: the mixed soccer league rules are modified – see our rules page for more detail.


Junior Leagues are available after school during the week Monday to Friday 4pm to 6.30pm, and on Saturdays 9am to 5pm.

New Soccer leagues are now starting for:

Mens – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday Competitions
Mixed – Thursday, Friday and Sunday Competitions
Ladies – Friday Competition
Juniors – Saturdays (9am-5pm) – STARTING Saturday September 19, 2015.

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